All of the advantages in just one place!

In business as in business – it is important to identify opportunities in advance. The same applies to planning your annual events; it’s worth your while to reserve the Eden Inn well ahead of time.

You will be able to enjoy the perfect strategic location and our ability to adapt ourselves to any business event, large or small.

We are here, with a wide variety of rooms, halls and well-equipped classrooms; with delicious culinary tastes and, above all – service orientation that will make your dreams and desires come true.

Because hospitality is in our nature!

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Available for your use:

Halls, classrooms
and assembly rooms
(between 20 to 200 people)

Outdoor amphitheater
(up to 150 people)

Outdoor sports court
and swimming pool

Auditorium (240 seats),
lobby and informal seating areas

Beautifully manicured
and cultivated lawns


High quality audio-visual equipment,
as well as support for the equipment you wish to bring with you

Unrestricted parking

96 guestrooms

A great number of culinary
experiences and options

Personal accompaniment by our
Events Manager to ensure
your complete satisfaction

Contact us for more details or call us and we’ll be happy to help:

For conferences includes accommodation: +972-49123193
For one day conferences: +972-502101901