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Cyclist Packages

Eden Inn is located in a wonderful place to start bicycle trips in the wide-open space, at the entrance to Ramat Hanadiv’s single riding trails, in Alona Park and Mount Churshan nature reserve bike trails, and a short ride from the Carmel beach single riding trails. Eden Inn’s location, its orientation, and services make the hotel cyclist-friendly.

The bike paths surrounding Ramat Hanadiv and Zichron Yaakov are suitable for easy and intermediate level bike riders, so you can pick the level of difficulty and length of the ride. There’s free parking, a secure place to store the bikes, the trails offered are on GPS, and there’s an option for a pampering massage afterwards.

The package includes meals suited to the groups’ needs, optional light refreshments before the morning ride and a packed lunch for the road. The hotel also offers a variety of options to upgrade the experience – guiding at special prices, refreshments for a social evening, a cart for bikes, repair services for bicycles, and more.

If you stay overnight at Eden Inn and go out for a ride, you can enjoy a hot shower after the ride, and go home clean and refreshed.

Flexibility is the key word. Contact us and we will organize the ultimate cycling vacation for you. All you have to do is …..cycle!

what’s the
deal cyclers

Photo: Ben Rotshtein

Sample hospitality packages:

Photo: Ben Rotshtein

Coffee and cake before going out on a ride, a light packed meal for the way, and lunch following the ride


Overnight stay including dinner, coffee and cake in the morning, a light packed meal for the way, and lunch following ride

390nis/pp in a double room

Overnight stay including half board (dinner and breakfast the next day)

320nis/pp in a double room

Overnight stay with breakfast

250nis/pp in a double room

  • Special prices for massages
  • Prices are for mid-week (Sunday-Thursday stays including rides on Fridays).
  • Overnight stays on Fridays at additional cost.

Want us to customize the ultimate package for you?
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One-day rides
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Packages including overnight stays
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