The enjoyment is yours.
The pleasure is ours!

If you have a date, and a reason to celebrate – we have exactly the right place, as well as infinite reasons for you to choose from.

At Eden Inn all types of events are held all year long, in all seasons. Just choose – outdoors, under the heavens, or in one of our halls.

We will tailor-make for you the event that you have imagined and, in addition, all kinds of extras that you haven’t even dreamed of.

Simply, because hospitality is in our nature!

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Shabbat Chatan (pre/post wedding) packages:
  •  Full board for entire Shabbat
  • Private dining hall is available for group meals. Meat Friday night dinner, early meat lunch (minimum 70 guests). Dairy or pareve meal seuda shlishit (shaleshudes/Saturday evening)
  • Full board price includes Saturday evening meal in place of breakfast
  • Meals are served buffet style
  • Welcome drink upon arrival. Soft drinks are provided in the lobby
  • Tablecloths and napkins provided according to stock on hand
  • Center pieces -vases with flowers
  • Kiddush wine is provided for each meal
  • Coffee and cake is provided before prayer services Shabbat morning
  • Orange and grapefruit drinks, and water are served with each meal
  • Host families are welcome to distribute guest baskets to rooms (upon prior arrangement)
  • Havdalah set including wine, spices and candles
  • Shabbat candle lighting station
  • In the hotel there is a synagogue, with a Torah scroll, available for all hotel guests. If families are interested in holding a private prayer service, they must bring their own Torah scroll with them
  • Optional additions which can be ordered: a special reception hall for family gatherings after Friday night dinner; carbonated drinks at meals; red or white wine served by waitstaff; a hot drink and refreshments stand; and meals for guests who are not staying at the hotel

    Contact us for more details or call us and we'll be happy to help:

    For conferences or events includes accommodation: +972-49123193
    For one day conferences or events: +972-502101901