Groups and Businesses

This is the time to kick off your work shoes and slip into flipflops, to trade the ring of the phone for the chirping of the birds, to leave all formality aside and to immerse yourself in the quiet, the serenity and the greenery.

At Eden Inn, we provide the complete solution for companies that want to give their employees the ultimate stay with additional value, for those who want to come and work in surroundings that expand their mind, far from the office and daily tasks and for groups looking for fun days, team building activities, or an ideal place for trips and bike-riding in the area.

The combination of our comfortable guest rooms, together with the conference center and auditoriums, customized cuisine and beverage services, seasonal swimming pool, and wide manicured lawns for relaxation, along with ODT activities, enable us to tailor-make for you the perfect visit, that will answer all your needs.

Flexibility is the key word. We are here to recommend activities based on your budget, match services to your schedule, and to meticulously attend to the small details to make sure you are satisfied.

Because it’s in our nature to host our guests with the ultimate quality experience!


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Customized one-day conferences

Fun days for groups and businesses

    Contact us for more details or call us and we'll be happy to help:

    For conferences or events includes accommodation: +972-49123193
    For one day conferences or events: +972-502101901